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Portfolio Management And Freedom To Operate Opinions

Once you have one or more patents, managing your patent portfolio remains critical to achieving your goals through them. The attorneys at Booth Albanesi Schroeder, PLLC, have extensive experience managing IP portfolios for a variety of entities, from emerging growth to Fortune 100 companies.

Portfolio Management And Review

A business strategy without an IP strategy is no strategy. An IP portfolio can be a significant part of a corporation’s overall value. For a patent portfolio to be a truly successful, effective and winning portfolio, a company must also strategically manage it to return profits and direct market trends.

Careful and selective IP application filings based on a thorough business-focused IP strategy, coupled with periodic portfolio reviews to determine international filing and maintenance decisions, are essential to ensure that a company’s IP portfolio is focused on commercially significant developments, and to maximize return from that IP investment.

Freedom To Operate Opinions

Prior to entering a market, many companies recognize the benefits of a product clearance, also called “freedom to operate” (FTO) or “right to use” opinions.

FTO analysis involves identifying and analyzing the patents of others that may subject your company to patent-infringement liability. By performing FTO analysis before developing and launching a new product or before acquiring a new company, your company can limit the risk of future litigation and avoid unnecessary expense.

FTO analysis done early in the cycle of product development affords companies the opportunity either to modify the design and avoid infringement before reaching the point of no return, or to take a license.

As a side benefit, FTO studies can identify opportunities for patenting or further development. Similarly, performing FTO analysis as part of due diligence may allow you to steer clear of an opportunity fraught with the danger of litigation.

Align Your Business Plans With Your IP Strategy

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