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Legal Advice Over The Life Cycle Of A Patent

Understanding the risk associated with a patent requires an ability to carefully dissect the history of the patent and the scope of its claims. Booth Albanesi Schroeder, PLLC’s attorneys have a great deal of experience in this area of the law. We can counsel you on whether a product you have invented or improved potentially infringes upon another patent and on issues concerning the patent’s validity.

Our Dallas, Texas, firm can provide right-to-use opinions in advance of product investment, infringement and validity. We apply diligence in pursuit of ways to protect patent holders’ rights while avoiding litigation. We conduct infringement and validity analysis in response to cease and desist letters. As needed, we can defend you in the face of threatened or actual litigation.

Portfolio Strategy And Counseling On Patent Risks And Strategies

Our patent lawyers can also assist you in developing, marketing and enforcing patent portfolios. Our advice and assistance cover topics such as:

  • Prior art searches and patentability opinions
  • International filing strategy and execution
  • Noninfringement and invalidity opinions
  • Freedom-to-operate searches and opinions
  • Design-around strategies
  • Patent due diligence
  • Patent portfolio development
  • Licensing and transfer rights
  • Competitive intelligence and monitoring
  • Maintenance and annuities

Due Diligence For Your Company’s Mergers And Acquisitions

The following paragraphs describe ways in which we will exercise due diligence on your behalf to help you understand patent risks if you become a client of Booth Albanesi Schroeder, PLLC.

Of the various types of intellectual property, patents provide the engine that most often drives mergers, acquisitions and initial public offerings. Copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets are certainly important intellectual property assets, but it is the patent’s power to exclude competitors from selling products or providing similar services that elevate the value of a patent.

But not all patents are created equal. Some are worthlessly narrow and easy to “design around.” Others provide a significant barrier to entry by a competitor. However, the value of a patent cannot usually be determined by simply examining the patent. Instead, the value of a patent is uncovered by scouring its history, analyzing other patents, examining the competitive landscape and considering potential alternatives to the patented invention. As a result, patents require the most intensive scrutiny of all intellectual property.

Due diligence requires a detailed understanding of the patent document and its prosecution history. This prosecution history consists of the paper trail created by the patent application during the application process. Patent attorneys typically ask questions like: Does the patent owner really own the patent? Is there some technical defect in the patent? Is the patent valid? But to truly understand the value of a patent, a patent attorney must understand the context of what the acquiring company hopes to achieve as a result of the transaction.

Is your company considering acquiring another company? The patent attorneys at Booth Albanesi Schroeder, PLLC, are prepared to assist your company through all necessary due diligence to identify objectives and assess the true value of an acquisition’s patent portfolio.

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