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Obtaining And Managing Oil And Gas Patents

Professionals from a variety of fields of expertise in the oil and gas industry rely on Booth Albanesi Schroeder, PLLC, for guidance and direction. We advise and assist with all aspects of patent acquisition and IP protection.

We have experience with both the mechanical and chemical side of the oil and gas industry (O&G), including equipment and operations for drilling, work over, treatment and production of wellbores.

We offer knowledgeable counsel on patents for surface and subsurface equipment, including packers, bridge and frac plugs, downhole safety valves, sliding sleeve, flapper and rotary valves. Our attorneys advise on patents for perforating tools, cementing tools, sand screens, inflow control devices and drill collars. Clients may ask about protection of their inventions such as high-performance downhole sensors and gauges, frac mixers and grinders, and explosives and shaped charges.

Our technical backgrounds help us evaluate potential patentability of multizone treatment tools and operations, including wet-connect technology, downhole power supply and units, submersible pumps (ESP) and downhole actuators (linear and rotary; mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, tubing pressure).

Technical And Legal Knowledge Guiding You

We advise on intellectual property (IP) needs regarding other inventions such as:

  • Fracture mapping techniques, downhole mixing and separation
  • Fracking fluids, proppants and related technology
  • Injection fluids, gelling composition (cross-linking, high-salt and more), and chemical solutions for wettability (“wetting”), breaking and corrosion inhibitors
  • Surfactants, acidizing and scale inhibitors

We are engineers as well as attorneys. Clients seek us out because of our technical and legal knowledge, as well as our years of experience. Our firm’s sole focus is intellectual property.

For Direction On Obtaining And Maintaining Oil And Gas Patents

Talk over your hopes for a mechanical patent or chemical patent with an IP lawyer in our Dallas, Texas, offices. We can also travel to your location if necessary. Give us a call at 214-220-0444 or complete our quick and easy online intake form.

Each Attorney Is Accomplished In A Technical Field And Has More Than 20 Years’ Experience In IP Law